Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept private insurance?

We are in network providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cerner.


Do you accept Medicaid?

No, we do not accept MO or KS Medicaid.


What if I'm out of network?

We will provided a coded invoice so that you may seek some reimbursement for services. We are happy to provide you with treatment notes and any other information you may need to assist in reimbursement.

What questions should I ask my insurance company?

You should ask your insurance company if you need any pre-authorization for servies, how many sessions you are alloted annually, what your deductible is, and where to send out of network claims.

What is DIR/Floortime®?

DIR/Floortime is an evidenced based treatment approach. It is developmentally based and puts relationships at the forefront. In a recent NIH study Parent-Implemented development models such as DIR/Floortime were found to be more cost effective and to generalize more than ABA.

What is the difference between DIR/Floortime® and ABA?

DIR/Floortime is a child led approach. We seek to find children’s interests in order to bring out their intentionality and ideas. ABA is therapist directed. ABA works to build skills rather than building development as a whole. We often say that DIR/Floortime works on the process instead of just the end product.

Do parents participate in treatment sessions?

We love to have parent participation. We understand that sometimes parents cannot be in sessions due to scheduling but we love buidling a team with families so that what we do at the clinic can be practiced at home and carryover and generalization can occur.


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