Kally Germano

Special Instructor and Autism Specialist

Kally Germano, MS in Special Education graduated from University of Kansas in 2014. Kally began her career as a special education teacher in a public school.  There she taught children with a range of diagnoses and needs and began applying her knowledge of The Social Thinking™ curriculum and Zones of Regulation.  She adapted the "Incredible Flexible You" Social Thinking curriculum in order to use it with younger children and has since used her adapted curriculum with children in social skills groups and during one on one services. She continues to support children in their private school, home and daycare settings as well as in the KCDT clinic.  She enjoys helping finding a child's interest in order to make specialized academic curriculum that is meaningful and motivational.  She is one of only two certified PLAY Project Home Consultants in the Kansas City area.  Kally is married and a mom of three.